Established in 1994, Pavitt’s Produce is a leading supplier of quality fresh fruit and vegetables to the catering trade.About UsAll available berries delivered in fresh each day.BerriesMilk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt, eggs and much, much more.DairyDaily delivered fresh herbs, locally grown when available.HerbsWide range of vegetables, fruits and berries, Boiron fruit purees and McCain chips and hash browns.Frozen Fruit, Vegetables & PuréesComplete range of seasonably available fruits from the UK, Europe and around the world.FruitHuge range of cresses and flowers.Micro CressFreshly squeezed and long life.Fruit JuicesWide range of both cultivated, wild mushrooms and fungiMushroomsAll shapes and sizes – bespoke items too. Fruit salads and segmented fruit melon balls and more.Prepared Fruit & VegetablesArtichokes to Zucchini – we source it, we deliver it.VegetablesJoin the discussion.BlogMixed baby leaves and more.Prepared SaladsGet in touch.Contact UsDownload our commercial credit application form, view our BRC Certification or download our seasonality reports. Downloads